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Race with Respect

MSUK's Respect Code champions a high standard of behaviour from everyone within the motorsport community, underpinned by their commitment to make motorsport an inclusive and safe sport for everyone, across all levels of motorsport. 


The Respect Code will help to grow and strengthen the sport by making it accessible and welcoming for everyone and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that it is embraced by all participants. By participating in a Motorsport UK event, in any capacity, you will be agreeing to follow the values of the governing body's Respect Code.

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Fair Play

  • Self-control

  • Good manners

The MSUK therefore ask all members to pledge to #RaceWithRespect

Race with Respect.png

Whether you are a Competitor, Parent, Official, Marshal, Team Manager, Mechanic, Spectator or any other participant in the Event it is incumbent on us all to Respect our fellow participant and to ‘call out’ poor standards of behaviour. Breaching the above obligations may result in disciplinary action.

Further information, reporting forms and a range of resources to support the initiative are available here.

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