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Wildlife Smeatharpe Stages

Dan Petrie was the only club member to travel to Taunton for the Wildlife Smeatharpe Stages sitting in for the first time with Rhys Wyn Davies in his Darrian GTR+ this weekend.

Starting at car 12, they started incredibly well, catching cars 10 and 11 in the first 7 mile stage, finishing 45 seconds ahead of the second placed car. Stage 2 saw them catch another two cars, and more cars again on Stage 3, 4, 5 and 6 without incident. Running at third on the road going into stage 7, with a 3 minute 2 seconds lead over Dan Gibson and Shaun Leyland in their Darrian, the pair were hopeful of keeping at the head of the field.

However it wasn’t to be. After doing one split of the 5 mile stage, the car spluttered pulling out of the corner with a plume of smoke, stopping the crew in their tracks with what is thought to have been a dropped liner in the new engine.

A disappointing end to what could have been a great event.


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