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Palferman Road Rally 2023

Double ARA Championship winning navigator Keaton Williams embarked on his first time in the driver’s seat with Jamie Mills on the maps around the lanes of Anglesey.

The main objective was to remember how road rallies work and to get to the finish in the Proton Satria GTI. A puncture on the rear 15 miles in was not a great start but didn’t drop them too much time. The pair pushed on and were surprised to be in second at petrol, winning a selective by 2 seconds, which was their highlight of the night.

Unfortunately, during the second half on a white, not as map saw the pair carry straight on on a 9L into a wet bog, losing around 45 seconds when luckily they were helped out by some spectators. They then dropped a heap of time behind another competitor, where the damage was done dropping them down the leaderboard. Lots of if’s, but’s and maybe’s but were glad to finish without a scratch on the car too.


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