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Pacemaker Road Rally

Our only club members on the event Andy Moss/Lucy Wilding in his Peugeot 205 had an eventful evening. Mossy only arrived back to Knighton with three minutes to spare before the pair were due to plot the route after being held up driving back from Ireland earlier in the day by random women with brooms assisting some toads across the road on their annual migration!

Unfortunately, it was a very early bath just before the end of the first selective due to an electrical issue which saw the car with limited power, intermittently cutting out. The pair finished up on the end of a spectator’s tow rope to get them back home. Lucy reported struggling with the navigation of the event in comparison to the recent Moonbeam with lots of bits that were difficult to navigate or easy to get wrong, but as this was only her second road rally event she is keen to improve those skills with more practice.


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