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Marshalling Madness

Ludlow Castle Motor Club Ltd also provided a number of marshals over the weekend on the Phil Price Memorial Woodpecker Rally with the current Historic National Champ Henri Grehan seen out in Ceri, John Caine on the flying finish of Hopton, Michele and John Petrie doing a PC/results at the end of Hopton and Malcolm Oxborow and Ken Lloyd doing radio duties.

It was the first time for Malcolm on the radio and a long time since Ken had managed the airwaves. Leaving home at 7 am to get to the start for 8 am, signed on and into their post in Ceri. They were on the first bit of closed road with no incidents so both reported an easy day.

Being a radio marshal is an easy way to get involved with the sport. Duties included sitting in the car ticking off the competitors numbers as they passed and usually there are other marshals at the same post to help with spectators and competitors. The only use of the radio is when you need to communicate with Control to keep them informed of an incident.

If any club members want any more information on being a radio marshal, Ken is more than willing to give a lesson at a club meeting and can bring the equipment and paperwork for members to try their hand.


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