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Les Boucles Chevrotines Rally

Photography courtesy of Jerome Deskeuvre

Lucy Wilding took another trip overseas to partner Ben Smith for the first time at the weekend in his Evo 7 competing at the Les Boucles Chevrotines Rally in Belgium.

Stage 1 was used as a warm-up before a good couple of stages getting used to each other, although still setting some impressive times against some Belgian locals.

An unfortunate puncture on SS4 cost the pair about five minutes before they went out for the second loop of four stages. No real dramas were reported other than having to adjust to the ever-changing weather/road conditions and attempting to make up a bit of time that they had lost in the morning loop.

The last loop of four stages were delayed due to a car being off in the stage resulting in the competing crews being caught on slick tyres in torrential rain. Hoping for a finish and to remain as second overall FIRC crew they decided to drive conservatively however another puncture cost them more than five minutes due to the car slipping off the jack.

Having got back on the stage again, drama ensued being caught out on a left hander causing them to clip a concrete telegraph pole on the rear quarter which launched the car into a double roll before landing the stricken crew in a hedge piercing the roof of the car, bending the roll cage down and trapping them both in the car.

With assistance from nearby spectators and locals both were extracted from the car and received medical attention from the emergency services on scene and the local hospital. Fortunately, the only injuries were stitches to a finger wound and an extremely sore left shoulder for Lucy and some concussion for Ben.


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