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Southern Ohio Forest Rally

Ludlow Castle Motor Club Ltd member Keaton Williams competed on Round 5 - Southern Ohio Forest Rally at the weekend finishing 1st overall and max points on power stage.

The hardest rally on the calendar, with stages suiting the R5 size cars and being 1st on the road on a rally that is notorious for terrible road sweeping made for a real challenge. Last year Williams had to super rally after a hard landing on a jump led to a mechanical problem so the crew had some making up to do!

A solid rally for the pair, winning every stage and managing not just their pace but tyres too. The event saw the driest conditions for many years with temperatures reaching 45 degrees plus in the rally car. One slightly wide moment on Day 2 was the biggest drama of the rally. Williams reported that this was Subaru Motorsport USA's first win on the event which meant a lot to the team.


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